A cooperation of associations

    The Market Parties Platform is a cooperation of energy industry associations in the Central West European electricity market (including the Benelux, Austrian, French, and German market). Main goal of this cooperation is to actively promote the forming of an integrated CWE electricity market and efficient coupling with the surrounding regions. Integrating the market will increase efficiency of the interconnected power system and will therefore bring benefits to the electricity consumers in this region. Our work is independent, but strongly linked with the work in Eurelectric.

The approach in linking energy markets

    • The CWE region has always been in the forefront of market integration developments worldwide. Many regional initiatives have led to projects that have been implemented over the past years. The aim of the MPP is to give a pragmatic input from the market side in these processes that are usually dominated by TSOs and regulators. We have been actively involved in bringing transparency further in the region, contribution to the flow-based market coupling project and contributions to improve intra-day trading. Furthermore, we have elaborated contacts with our colleagues from the Nordic region through Nordenergi.Since the adoption of the Network Guidelines under the Third Energy Package from the beginning of 2016 we evolve in a more formalised legal environment. In this environment we represent market parties in regional implementation processes involving stakeholders. However, we keep seeing great value in the political involvement of the CWE governments through the Pentalateral Energy Forum (PLEF). Focus of this Forum is to ensure security of supply, implement efficient day-ahead market coupling, improve intra-day trade and increase the possibilities to use flexibility across the borders. The MPP has been in the PLEF since the start and is committed to further do so. Apart from the work in the PLEF, the MPP is active in the following stakeholder groups:
  • CWE Consultative Group
  • CORE Consultative Group
  • XBID User Group
  • Several ad hoc stakeholder groups/events in the region


    • At the moment the MPP is dealing with the following topics from a market integration point of view:
  • Market design
  • Capacity allocation and congestion management
  • Bidding zones
  • Day ahead market coupling
  • Cross border intra-day trade
  • Flexibility
  • Further details on these topics can be found on the page POSITIONS AND INFORMATION

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Current secretariat:
L’UFE, Union Française de l’électricité, 3 rue du 4 septembre, 75002 Paris